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November 2, 2017

                                                     toronto, ontario. Pushing My Limits

                                                     toronto, ontario. Pushing My Limits

It's been a long time coming, but here it is.. My second blog! So if you remember reading my first blog, I did mention that i'd be writing about the trip i took to canada. After returning from that amazing adventure I found myself taking a break from optimal cinema and enjoying life with my friends and family back in destin, Florida. It's Wild that it's been almost three months and I haven't made the time to construct this blog post and share the moments that I captured during this trip.

The reason I traveled to canada is actually a really great story. When I first moved to St. Petersburg, The first video I ever made was for a couple based out of Sarnia, Ontario. Their company is Zen Beach Life. They were down in florida meeting with their "marketing gurus" and I just so happened to be applying as a full time videographer for these "marketing Gurus". i created this promotional video and ended up diving into this job full time. That is the reason I moved to the burg. Unfortunately, this job didn't last long. There was a mutual agreement that I was not the right video guy for the job and I extracted nothing but the good from this situation and started down my own path. 

Needless to say, during this time of uncertainty in my life I found myself embarking on a new path with Karl and Kristin. (if you read the first blog, you'll have some knowledge of who they are) Together we began doing anything we could as entrepreneurs to obtain clients and build relationships with potential clients. this story is great because I was actually reaching out to Laura for a testimonial for the video work I had done when i first moved to st. pete. Bill and Lauara ended up choosing karl, kristin and I to market their business. Fast Forward to august and here we are, In Ontario on a business trip!


Sarnia, Ontario. 

So the way this trip broke down was quite interesting. WE flew into toronto friday evening and rented a little red jeep renegade.. (which we have reason to believe that this jeep followed us back to florida...) It was then that we drove 3 hours into the outskirts of the city and We passed what seemed like thousands of giant wind turbines that trumped over the plains and farmland. 

Finally we arrived at bill and laura's beautiful lake house that overlooked Lake Huron. across the lake you notice the faint coast of Michigan on the horizon. This was absolutely astonishing to me. I couldn't believe that I was looking at the states from a different perspective and I really didn't understand how beautiful this area was until the next morning. 

I found myself walking barefoot through the wet grass with a cup of coffee in one hand while breathing in the crisp canadian fog. over the weekend, we were shown the most heartwarming hospitality from bill and laura and I'll have to be honest - it was so pleasant being very far away from the chaos of a busy city to just enjoy the sounds of nature - the waves crashing below on the shoreline reminded me of the emerald coast. 


The leisure of this adventure was breathtaking but we did manage to stay very productive with what we set out to do. We created content necessary for Zen Beach Life and I actually filmed a good bit of video. The weekend with bill and laura was one for the books and It was honestly the most stress free, happy, and grounded i've ever felt. 

Sadly, the weekend came to an end and we drove the jeep back to toronto where we stayed in an airbnb near downtown Toronto.. I could explain everything in detail but Instead, you should watch the video that I put together for this trip - it's one of my favorite projects that I've made!



So much can be said for this life changing experience. I am just extremely grateful that I had the chance to travel to a different part of the world and to be able to share my experience with you all is just that much more exciting. I really hope that you enjoyed this blog and the adventure that I've embarked on. I cant wait to share more of my journey with you as my career unfolds. Thank you for making it to the end of my thoughts.

-koji sumalde.