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June 26, 2018

Pisgah national Forest. Home Away From Home.

Pisgah national Forest. Home Away From Home.

Where do I even begin? This trip was a long trip, more than just a weekend. To better help you understand the context, I’ll briefly explain. I had an opportunity to shoot a video for a hotel grand opening in downtown Asheville for the week of June 26th through the 29th. I was coordinating and had a proposal in the works but it was just too short notice for the company to jump on board with flying me up to shoot their video. This is where Ashley comes in. I had invited her to come with me before we confirmed shooting. Since the plans fell through, we decided to take the trip anyways and thus this road trip commenced.

We left on June 26 and made our way north. With The Honda Accord filled to the brim, we planned for 3 days in an airbnb downtown, then 2 days in a campsite somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains. How excited was I, that I bought a fly rod starter kick on Amazon and had it delivered to our temporary place downtown. Spoiler alert, our elevation was so high that the fish I was targeting were a lot smarter than me so needless to say I didn’t catch a thing. But that’s okay, it was very challenging and fulfilling to be able to fish in crystal clear streams while Ashley hiked.


Our first location after settling our luggage at the Airbnb was this amazing restaurant downtown named Chai Pani. Ash picked up an awesome sticker that describes her in two words. Also, the food was amazing!

 We roamed around downtown and indulged in the light that was offered. Ultimately we were so tired from the 10 hour drive and dinner that we called it an early night,


So much can be said for this life changing experience. I am just extremely grateful that I had the chance to travel to a different part of the world and to be able to share my experience with you all is just that much more exciting. I really hope that you enjoyed this blog and the adventure that I've embarked on. I cant wait to share more of my journey with you as my career unfolds. Thank you for making it to the end of my thoughts.

-koji sumalde.