My noggin dump.

                                                      Tampa, florida. running from a storm.

                                                      Tampa, florida. running from a storm.


I have always wanted to start a blog. it is interesting and very exciting to be able to share the thoughts behind what inspires me. I discover that inspiration through the trips i take and the moments i capture through my lenses are simply the visually appealing aspects behind who I am as a creative. I thought I'd share exactly what I like with you all. 

In this blog and even future blogs, you'll see a trip or experience i've taken and i'm honestly quite excited to share images i've captured during. Welcome to my glorified instagram post, if you will. it's refreshing to know that i'll be able to drop loads of content that i take, along with exposing the people and influencers that i look at everyday. 

Youtube- I'll admit it, I spend an hour on youtube a day. that may not seem like a lot but it's enough time for me to squeeze in a casey neistat vlog or a tutorial on editing. I've lately been catching myself drifting off to old music videos. other times i'll stumble upon short films or an amateur production which to me is a great way to see how diverse creativity is, and to discover how some creators piece their stories together. If you haven't heard of Tim Kellner, the films on his youtube channel are beautiful and it sparks my inspo when I view his work. 


Instagram- I use this platform the most and i absolutely love how far this social media app has evolved. I became addicted to posting minute clips once they allowed you to post up to minute long videos, but i also like to share the photos i take as well. one person i'd recommend who's feed is incredible is my buddy from back in the fort, peyton hall. It's incredible what this man does with his camera. the most intriguing thing is that he shoots everything on film! check out his feed here.


Books -I really haven't been reading as much as i need to be and most of that is how i divide my time, but that's where this book i've picked up really helps. the one thing - written by gary keller, it really shines the light on how important it is to focus on one thing and everything else will fall into place.

If you follow me or have met me recently, you probably know that am brand new to st. petersburg, florida. Moving from a small town/tourist trap from the panhandle, I have seen a tremendous amount of growth within only 6 months of relocating. I've been to 4 different cities across the country just this year and shook hands with so many people that I never would've met had I not quit my regular job to pursue filmmaking. It's amazing what you're really capable of doing. once you visualize yourself being where you want to be, it's just a matter of putting in the hours to get there! 

My friend Gary james-knight just filmed an episode of a show that he created to help expose entrepreneurs in the tampa bay area. Check it out here to see the show. It's awesome to see others doing good for other entrepreneurs out there!

Oxford Exchange

Tampa, Fl


there is this really dope spot across the bay called oxford exchange. it's directly across the street from the university of tampa and inside there's a restaurant (with amazing brunch), buddy brew coffee, and an area with a bunch of essential oils you can buy. it's just an overall upscale area where you can come to work, eat, or just shop around and network. 

with me all the time is my team, Karl bartling Kristin OtternessThey're amazing people and I couldn't say a bad thing about them! together we work as a digital marketing agency.

I think that's it for this week's blog. I'm not entirely sure how frequent i'll be posting blogs but with a lot of travel coming up (toronto in august), stay tuned for what is to come!

-koji sumalde.